• patchy scrap pocket
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    Sew A Patch Pocket Tutorial

    In this easy step by step tutorial I show you how to use up all your scrap fabrics and recycle them into pretty fabric that you can then make into other projects. I will be making a patch pocket in this tutorial but the process is the same for other size projects …. it really is quite simple to do…

  • lacy-neck-shawl

    How To Crochet A Lacy Neck Shawl

    In this easy step by step tutorial I show you how to make this gorgeous lacy necky shawl … my latest creation …. it really is quite simple to make but very effective and of course has that vintage style that I love … so very stylish. It is so versatile too and can be worn in different ways ….…

  • crochet chain stitch
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    How To Crochet Chain Stitch and Slip Knot

    Crochet basic stitches for beginners Chain Stitch and Slip Knot …. Just uploaded my new tutorial, crochet basics for absolute beginners. In this video tutorial I am chatting about beginners crochet chain stitch and slip knot.  If you are new to crochet these are the very basic stitches that you will need to learn and master. Don’t be daunted though…

  • jam jar cover
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    Crochet Jam Jar Cover Step by Step Tutorial

    With only a few days left before the kids break up for the summer holidays I thought I would grab my yarn stash and make some cute jam jar covers……. I thought they would make perfect end of term gifts for teachers.  They only take a few hours to make and are great as stash buster projects too! If you…