About Loopy Mabel’s Closet

Hello and welcome to my blog. Whether you found me via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or just from word of mouth I am so happy you have joined me here.

Loopy Mabel’s Closet is all about my love of crochet and dressmaking, mixed with my love for vintage style and the muted colours of days gone by. I love to create stylish unique crochet patterns but with a modern-day twist for you to wear and hopefully inspire you to create your own style too. I am also designing my own clothing brand of handmade apparel for you to wear and feel beautiful. I am also on a personal pledge towards making my handmade wardrobe and reducing my fabric footprint on the environment.

What you will find on my blog

All things crochet and sewing related …. whether it’s about my latest tutorial or video or my dressmaking makes, sewing patterns and custom clothing brand ….. I hope to share with you and hopefully inspire you to create your own unique style and enjoy what you make too

grace collar pdf

I have always been creative right from the early age of 6 when my mum tried patiently to teach me to knit….. she gave up eventually as nothing she said was going in…. so she passed me onto my Nana who became my teacher!!!!

I loved looking through her vintage knitting patterns and hoped one day to create items for myself from them. This spurred me on and not being one to give up ….. I practiced and practiced and continued on and was so thrilled with my first ever completed project …. a scarf!!!!

It was a scarf in the loose sense of the word …… it was holy and uneven with lots of dropped stitches …… but that didn’t bother me I was so thrilled. This was the start of my love of creating with wool and I would knit every night after school until I perfected the simple ‘garter stitch’.I continued to knit when I got married and I would make at least one project a week ….. my wardrobe was so colourful and I had a cardigan or jumper in every colour!!! Although I loved knitting I also wanted to try crochet which I had never even thought about. Unfortunately, neither my mum or Nana could crochet so they couldn’t teach me. Not being put off by this I borrowed a book out of the library and taught myself. I was hooked …. pardon the pun….. and have been crocheting since. I began making items for my granddaughter and orders soon came from mums at her nursery when they saw the pretty outfits she was wearing, always with a vintage twist and muted old fashioned colours.

Belle Bonnet Crochet Pattern

This then snowballed and Loopy Mabel Vintage Style Crochet was born.  I continued to design my crochet patterns and share them on my Youtube Channel in tutorials and VLOGS ……… this proved so popular that I then created the patterns into PDF format which I then put in my online store so you could then download them at home and create for yourself.

I have 2 YouTube Channels!

I didn’t want to just blog about my love for crochet but also my love for dressmaking and sewing too and wanted to share these things with you too. I now make tutorials on both crochet and sewing. I will be sharing lots of pictures, tutorials, and useful information here on my blog and hopefully help you be inspired to create too. Please come and join me on both my YouTube Channels Loopy Mabel Crochet and Loopy Mabel’s Closet and say hello and subscribe!